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Hello Everyone

Using the features within the FriendCreator Social Network will assist you greatly in finding and making new friends. This is how people get to know what your interests are, where you've been and what you like. The features are similar to other Social Networks and the more SN's you use the more friends you'll make. Choose FriendCreator and as the members grow we will add features which will allow you to make FriendCreator the Core of all Social Networks. You will only need to use this Social Network and be able to post to all others......join and see this feature delivered.

Here's an overview of current features available on FriendCreator:

  • Timeline - this is your personal Timeline, similar to Wall on Facebook, you can add text, links, photos and embed videos here.
  • Groups - this will allow you to create your own group of like minded people - the group may need authorising by an admin.
  • Photos - use to upload photos with anything of interest to your friends or the world.
     - Click Photos from anywhere and then Click the Plus (+) sign to Upload your photo.
     - Select or Create a new Album name.
     - Set Security - who you want to see the photos Me Only, Friends, Members or Public and upload additional photos.
     - Then click Submit, if you make any errors you can delete photos later.
  • Videos - use embed feature to embed YouTube videos into your timeline or Just simply upload the YouTube link.
     - Go to YouTube and find a video you like, select Share below the video.
     - Where you can see the link ie. Right click the link and Select COPY.
     - Go to FriendCreator and from Video Home select Upload and Paste the link into the YouTube Video Link field.
     - Modify the Title and Description if required and Submit.
     - You may want to add a comment afterwards.
  • Outline - this is shown on the homepage and will publicly show the most recent site activity such as new joiners, photos and videos uploaded to FriendCreator.

New features will be added and improved as time progresses, keep returning wink


FriendCreator Team